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What is the meaning behind “Yeah, skidi-ka-pop-pop”? Man’s Not Hot by Big Shaq

  • by imrk
  • April 09, 2023

Shaq parodies a lyrical trend by London rappers, which involves incorporating deliberately rhythmic gunshot onomatopoeia in their lyrics. Common examples include “skududu-dududu” (used by , Zone 2 , Sneakbo , Ard Adz and others) and “bu-bu-bang” (the popular adlib of Fekky , used by others including Stormzy ). Roadman Shaq’s bars here are reminiscent of the chorus of Fekky’s 2014 track “Still Sitting Here” : I’ve got that ting and it goes bang Bu-bu-bang-bang-bang Bu-bu-bang-bang-bang… These over-the-top gunshot onomatopoeias became an internet meme in early September 2017, originally captivating a British audience who were familiar with Michael Dapaah ’s Roadman Shaq character and the “Fire in the Booth” segment, but quickly spreading to a wider audience. Also worth noting that “poom poom” means the same thing as punani, so it’s got comedic value – which is why he pauses for dramatic effect and seems to add this line as an afterthought. Done Know is Jamaican patois for “you already know” or “of course”. It does not mean “don’t know”.