A Song Wall What is the meaning behind "Kneel before General Zod This planet's Krypton—no, Asgard, Asgard"? Rap God by Eminem - A Song Wall

What is the meaning behind “Kneel before General Zod This planet’s Krypton—no, Asgard, Asgard”? Rap God by Eminem

  • by imrk
  • March 24, 2023

Like those who oppose General Zod, other rappers should kneel in front of Eminem because their skills are inferior . While he mentions Krypton (home to General Zod & Superman) from the DC superhero universe, he corrects himself and refers to Asgard – the Marvel equivalent and place where Odin reins supreme. In Asgard, Odin is the Allfather- the closest thing to a chief god. Thor is Odin’s son. You can be a god, but Eminem is the greatest god of them all – you’ll always suffer in comparison. As for Superman, Eminem has had a long history proclaiming himself as the Man of Steel , doing the opposite , and is already a character in Marvel Universe , having chilled with Iron Man. Note: He pronounces this line’s final word “om-ni-PO-tent”/“omni-potent” when it’s actually pronounced “om-NIP-o-tent”. This allows the word to fit the rhyme scheme and emphasizes the word “potent”.