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What is the meaning behind “It’s actually disastrously bad for the wack”? Rap God by Eminem

  • by imrk
  • March 24, 2023

This and the preceding line allude to when rapper Canibus (one of Em’s old rap rivals ) faced off against L.A. battle rapper strong Dizaster in a rap battle on June 9th, 2012, Dizaster being widely regarded the world’s greatest battle rapper at the time, Canibus being a ferocious rap veteran since eons back. Despite all the hype, Canibus' performance turned out to be a complete meltdown: he showed up with an injured shoulder and a bunch of substandard rhymes, appearing in such a bad shape that he, during the third round, blanked out and notoriously pulled out a note strong pad to finish his lackluster bars—a debacle which Em hinted at in the foregoing bar. small strong Click here for the annotated rap battle. hr Dizaster was also one of eight participants in Em’s 2014 reality show Total Slaughter , where elite battle rappers faced each other. You can see Eminem shout out Dizaster in this video. The fact that Dizaster destroyed Canibus, one of Em’s old adversaries, is one reason Dizaster is rumored to be Eminem’s favorite battle rapper. Moreover, Eminem venerated the art of battle rap when he wrote an annotation here on Genius, promoting the importance of battle rap: small Battle rap is healthy for hip hop. The entire battle scene, the way that it’s thriving right now and how big it’s becoming and everything—it’s great.