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What is the meaning behind “I go hard on Southside G (Yeah, wait)”? God’s Plan by Drake

  • by imrk
  • April 08, 2023

Southside may be a reference to Memphis, Tennessee. Shortly after this song’s release, Drizzy proceeded to feature on Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB’s hit song “Look Alive” where he represented Memphis with the opening line: Drake’s father’s side of the family is all based in Memphis. He even shot the “Worst Behavior” music video in Memphis, featuring his father and cousins. Drake may also be vaguely paying homage to G-Unit’s song “Straight Outta Southside” : Yeah, nigga I’m straight outta Southside This could also be a reference to the Atlanta producer, Southside . Drake tends to go hard on any Southside produced track, such as 2016’s “Grammys” or 2015’s “Digital Dash” . Lastly, Drake could also be referring to the southside of the Scarborough neighborhood Galloway , which he references in a few of his songs.