A Song Wall What is the meaning behind "And I should not be woken"? Rap God by Eminem - A Song Wall

What is the meaning behind “And I should not be woken”? Rap God by Eminem

  • by imrk
  • March 24, 2023

He is a monster on the mic, it would be better if rappers don’t try to disturb his sleep and leave him alone (don’t come after him or make him come after you). Recent competitiveness and wack songs in Hip Hop has reignited his fire to prove he’s still the best. Things that come back from the dead, tend to have a wraith, and take it out on everything. Continuing with the Odin metaphor , Odin was known for being able to recover and recuperate during sleep Also a possible reference to the fact that he was very near death when he overdosed. He mentions this episode on several tracks . He was so close to death that technically he’s not even really supposed to be here right now so he shouldn’t have awoke from his overdose, it also makes him the living embodiment of the strong walking dead . Make you wish the ambulance that took me to the hospital When I overdosed woulda called a flat